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Congratulations! You are about to start creating an amazing collection of memories to begin your  new journey.  My first advice is to start this process getting connected with your preferred photographer.  With Marcela Rowe Photography, you will receive a customized proposal price based on your coverage needs, followed by a questionnaire to make sure we are on the same page, working together to achieve the services that you are looking for. We will have our first call to discuss any extra information and clarify questions that you might have.

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Engagement sessions are ideal to create a closer relationship with your wedding photographer. Once booked your big day coverage, you will receive a bridal guide to assist you with all the needs toward you engagement photos as well as wedding prep information, helping you to understand the ideal location, outfit, posing and more. 

engagement session


Before your big day we will have couple of calls to discuss your timeline, whether you have a planner or not (I highly recommend, at least a day of coordinator). It will help us to keep track on time and make sure we are all on the same page. Wedding days only happen once, and you and I have the same goal to capture as a unique experience. 

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Do you really think I would let you wait weeks until you can see your first photo? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The day of or next morning after your big day you will already have a few sneak peeks of how special your day was. I want you to still celebrate and enjoy it as the fresh memories of your very new journey. 

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You will receive your gallery online for download, in high resolution, up to 12 weeks after your wedding date. We work hard to accomplish, edit and design the gallery of your dreams! 


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