I have many things to tell you about my life, my business and my joy to do what I do every day. First things first, photography became a big a passion since I became a mom. Some moments and experiences touch us differently and make us realize what life truly is about. This passion has grown every day more and more and now I have the opportunity to celebrate with people, families and couples in their intimate and special moments. It really is an honor to capture precious moments and celebrate them with you. I have had a career prior to photography, I graduated from Law school 2012 and since then, I never felt that it was the right fit for me. Investing time to be a creator makes me enjoy my own precious moments, makes me realize that time goes by so fast and documenting moments that we won't have the opportunity to live it again, is priceless.

I tell you as wife and mother of two amazing children, we should never take for granted what is given to us in this life, and creating memories, documenting, it's an extra opportunity to bring to our future generations connections and stories to tell. 


Marcela Rowe


my favouritES OF

TO INSPIRE in tradd street

Lovegrove Estate

Rainbow row





Details are one of my favorite things to photograph during your big day. Have thought how much time and effort you have to put on your wedding planning to have it all turn out the way you dreamed of? You pick colors, style, you search for many inspirations, you go through ideas, you pick your planner and sit with her not once but multiples times to make sure you make it happens just like you hope for. 

I love details

I have to tell you something... I am not a florist because I certainly don't have much talent creating arrangements but what these beautiful flowers do to our wedding, details and images are seriously speechless. The colors give so much class and elegance to every single detail and we just appreciate how great nature is amazing to us. 

obsessed with florals

How exciting is to plan something we have waited for so long? As it gets closer to happen, we wait excited for everything to happen just the way we dreamed of. Planning is overwhelming from time to time, but find the value of choosing every detail, and all the great feelings will overcome the craziness. 

I love planning

Is that anything more fun and special than celebrate life, new journeys and happy moments with our family and friends? 
I mean, seriously, these people are there cherishing you and happy for you. 
Those fun dances, jokes and laughs are absolutely one of my favorite parts to watch during your day. 

parties are my absolute fav!