Luxury goes along with planning and a curated service. We work with every detail  crafting our services to meet each clients unique experience. 

Whether you're planning an intimate elopement or a multi-day wedding weekend celebration, you deserve to have an amazing wedding photography experience. We know the love and effort that a wedding day requires, so we decided to make it simple and still making sure we will capture your day effortlessly and tailored to meet all of your expectations. 

For us, photography is not just about taking pictures, but about telling stories. I believe that every client is unique, and their photography should reflect their personality, style, and desires. That's why I take the time to understand my clients, to connect with them, and to tailor my photography to fit their specific purposes.

Whether it's a wedding, a family portrait, or any other special occasion, I strive to go beyond just capturing images. I want to capture the essence of the moment, the raw emotions, and the authentic connections. I believe that the true beauty of photography lies in those little details, the unspoken words, and the genuine expressions that make each moment truly special.

I approach every photography session with a keen eye for detail, a creative mindset, and a dedication to excellence. I work closely with my clients to understand their vision, and to create a unique and personalized experience that exceeds their expectations. My goal is to not only deliver stunning photographs but also to create a memorable and enjoyable photography journey for my clients.

Yes. As a Destination Photographer, we love to capture our client's love anywhere in the world. The joy of being a destination wedding photographer is unmatched. Traveling to exotic locations, experiencing diverse cultures, and capturing love stories against breathtaking backdrops is a dream come true. Every destination offers its own unique charm, providing endless opportunities for creativity and adventure. From sandy beaches to majestic mountains, each setting adds a special touch to the love story unfolding before the lens.

I am a digital photographer who thrives to achieve a bright and true color style with real skin tones and a touch of film.  Lighting matters to me as much as all the techniques to achieve my personal style and please our clients with the imagery quality they see in our portfolio. 

We believe that photographers have a crucial value at the beginning of your planning. We not only can assist you with all the photography matters, as well as advise you with better choices to your style that will level up the results of your images and the outcome of your wedding gallery. A year in advance is a ideal time to find your photographer, and as wedding seasons fill up our calendars, we want to make sure we are available to serve your needs. 

We believe that learning more about you as a couple and learning more about your wedding plans, help us to craft a work just to serve your unique needs. Once you inquire our services, you will receive an email with a link to schedule a call. After our call, we will create a customized proposal with all of your needs included, pricing, payment plans and contract for you to review. Upon signing the agreement and placing a non-refundable deposit, you are officially book and ready to start a Wedding Experience with us. 

As part of our Sessions and Wedding workflow, we delivery a few sneak peeks within 72 hours after your wedding day. There are busy seasons we maybe delay a day or two, but we try to accomplish our timeframe for as soon as we can. Wedding galleries are fully delivered in average of 6-8 weeks. 

Absolutely! We're thrilled to offer our handcrafted heirloom albums, available in various colors and sizes. These albums make for the perfect heirloom, enhancing your home and serving as a must-have showcase for your family and friends. We'll work together to customize your album to perfection, and prior to order we will send it for approval. 

Our primary service is photography, but we do provide a Highlight video content package that includes behind-the-scenes videos captured throughout your wedding day. If you look for a personal work with a higher-end video service, we are happy to assist you finding the perfect fit. Either with professionals we have worked with, or we search alongside you for the best match. 

As part of our wedding experience, we try to provide the best assistance we can to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly. 6 weeks prior to your wedding you will receive a questionnaire to provide all the updated information about your wedding planning. After receiving the questionnaire back, we will schedule a call to go over your wedding timeline and create a personalized photography timeline to serve all of your wedding day needs and desires. We create lists and an easy workflow to make sure we walk out of your day with your shots taken care of. 

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As part of our Wedding Experience, being aware of what our clients desire and understanding their expectations is the best way to capture their day in a customized way. Our priority is to keep our communication alive to serve their needs along the way. 

what you can expect

Expect from us a crafted service where we learn how to envision your day with your ideas and goals. Our part of your planning is crucial to delivery you the gallery of your dreams and educate you with guidance and attention to detail. 


Our Wedding Collections start at $3,899 from 4-10 hours of coverage. 

Access our collections below to LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR wedding process. 


"Not only she is a talented photographer,
she is an amazing person."

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Marcela. Not only is she a talented photographer, she is an amazing person. She coached us through the whole process. She even took time to talk me through different outfits and what would look best in photos. Most of my friends wait months and months for their photos, Marcela had a very quick turn around. She is very passionate about her art and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future.


"Marcela is there for you. Everything is about you, your husband, your family and what makes YOU feel beautiful, handsome and happy.."

"When I started looking for a photographer for our wedding, my goal was to find someone who had light and airy aesthetics. I wanted to find someone who could capture what looked like a dream. I searched and searched until I finally stubbled upon Marcela through “the knot”. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have found her. Not only did she capture photo after photo, leaving me with tears in my eyes and a full heart, but she became a friend to us..."

riley & Jonathan

"On wedding day Marcela went above and beyond!!."

"We HIGHLY recommend Marcela if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Charleston. She is experienced, professional, passionate, and easy-going yet serious about her work. She was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond!!

Throughout the wedding process she was constantly in communication with us, answering any questions we had. She was also constantly in communication with my wedding planner which was super helpful as well."

deanna & Chris

"Not to mention, her personality is so fun and she can capture some pretty cool moments.."

"Marcela was beyond amazing to work with. She photographed our engagement and our wedding. Her work is flawless, light and airy. Everything I had envisioned, she captured. Not to mention, her personality is so fun and she can capture some pretty cool moments. I highly recommend booking Marcela for your wedding, you will not be disappointed."