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I am Marcela, a passionate wedding photographer Michigan and South Carolina based. I am Married to my best friend and blessed with two precious children, I am grateful for the love that fills my life.

My journey as a photographer has allowed me to cultivate a deep appreciation for capturing meaningful moments and preserving cherished memories. There is something truly magical about freezing a laugh, a glance, or a heartfelt embrace in time. I strive to bring a touch of luxury to every spontaneous and joy-filled moment I document, ensuring that each image reflects the beauty and authenticity of the love story being told. With every click, I am honored to play a small part in creating treasured keepsakes that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Let’s schedule a call! Capturing effortless and elegant photographs happens through our 1-1 consultation to talk about your vision and how we can create a lasting impact. 

We create a customized proposal to serve all of your wedding needs. Once you sign and place a deposit, let's pop the champagne, you are officially booked!

Last step is to plan your your engagement session together and learn about what is important to YOU! My ultimate goal is to help you truly enjoy your wedding day. 

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A Destination Wedding Photographer I ready to serve sweet couples around the world, bringing to your Wedding day an effortless and tailored photography experience. 

Welcome to my world of photography! I'm truly passionate about freezing moments in time and creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime. What I love most is capturing those fleeting in-between moments, the candid glances, the laughter, and the genuine emotions that unfold naturally.

For me, photography is not just about taking pictures, but about telling stories. I believe that every client is unique, and their photography should reflect their personality, style, and desires. That's why I take the time to understand my clients, to connect with them, and to tailor my photography to fit their specific purposes.

Whether it's a wedding, a family portrait, or any other special occasion, I strive to go beyond just capturing images. I want to capture the essence of the moment, the raw emotions, and the authentic connections. I believe that the true beauty of photography lies in those little details, the unspoken words, and the genuine expressions that make each moment truly special.

I approach every photography session with a keen eye for detail, a creative mindset, and a dedication to excellence. I work closely with my clients to understand their vision, and to create a unique and personalized experience that exceeds their expectations. My goal is to not only deliver stunning photographs but also to create a memorable and enjoyable photography journey for my clients.

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