Couples Style and Posing Guide

Couples Style and Posing Guide

January 14, 2024
Engagement Session, Wedding

When it comes to photography, choosing the right outfit can make all the difference in creating the perfect shot. For couples, engagements, and weddings, the right clothing can elevate your photos and make them truly stunning. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect outfits for your photography session.

First, consider the location and setting of your shoot. If you’re shooting in a natural setting, such as a park or beach, you may want to choose clothing that complements the natural surroundings. Earth tones, pastels, and light-colored clothing tend to work best in these settings. If you’re shooting in the city or a more urban environment, you may want to choose clothing that is more formal and sophisticated, such as a suit or a cocktail dress.

Next, consider the style of your shoot. If you’re going for a more casual, relaxed vibe, you may want to choose clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in. If you’re going for a more formal look, you may want to choose clothing that is tailored and elegant. Remember, your clothing should reflect the overall feel of your shoot.

Finally, don’t be afraid to add some personality to your outfit. Whether it’s a fun accessory or a bold color, adding a touch of your own personal style can make your photos truly unique and memorable.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to choose the perfect outfit for your photography session. Remember, the right clothing can make all the difference in creating the perfect shot. So take your time, choose wisely, and have fun!

Posing for couples can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be a bit daunting if you’re not sure what to do. Here are 10 secrets to help you pose like a pro and create beautiful, romantic photos:

  1. Get close: Position yourselves close together so that you can feel each other’s presence and connection.
  2. Find your light: Look for a source of natural light and position yourselves so that you are both well-lit.
  3. Use your hands: Use your hands to create a sense of intimacy and connection. Hold hands, touch each other’s faces or embrace each other.
  4. Play with angles: Experiment with different angles to find the most flattering positions for your bodies.
  5. Relax your body: Try to relax your body and avoid stiff, awkward poses. This will help you look more natural and at ease.
  6. Mind your posture: Stand up straight and elongate your neck to create a more flattering silhouette.
  7. Look at each other: Make eye contact with your partner and engage with each other to create a sense of intimacy.
  8. Be playful: Have fun with your poses and try out different expressions and emotions.
  9. Incorporate your surroundings: Use your surroundings to add depth and interest to your photos. Stand in front of a beautiful backdrop or incorporate elements of your surroundings into your poses.
  10. Trust your photographer: Remember that your photographer is there to guide you and help you create beautiful photos. Trust their expertise and let them guide you through the process.

By following these secrets for couples style and posing, you can create beautiful, romantic photos that capture the essence of your relationship and love for each other.


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"Not only she is a talented photographer,
she is an amazing person."

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Marcela. Not only is she a talented photographer, she is an amazing person. She coached us through the whole process. She even took time to talk me through different outfits and what would look best in photos. Most of my friends wait months and months for their photos, Marcela had a very quick turn around. She is very passionate about her art and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future.


"Marcela is there for you. Everything is about you, your husband, your family and what makes YOU feel beautiful, handsome and happy.."

"When I started looking for a photographer for our wedding, my goal was to find someone who had light and airy aesthetics. I wanted to find someone who could capture what looked like a dream. I searched and searched until I finally stubbled upon Marcela through “the knot”. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have found her. Not only did she capture photo after photo, leaving me with tears in my eyes and a full heart, but she became a friend to us..."

riley & Jonathan

"On wedding day Marcela went above and beyond!!."

"We HIGHLY recommend Marcela if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Charleston. She is experienced, professional, passionate, and easy-going yet serious about her work. She was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond!!

Throughout the wedding process she was constantly in communication with us, answering any questions we had. She was also constantly in communication with my wedding planner which was super helpful as well."

deanna & Chris

"Not to mention, her personality is so fun and she can capture some pretty cool moments.."

"Marcela was beyond amazing to work with. She photographed our engagement and our wedding. Her work is flawless, light and airy. Everything I had envisioned, she captured. Not to mention, her personality is so fun and she can capture some pretty cool moments. I highly recommend booking Marcela for your wedding, you will not be disappointed."