Isle of Palms, SC

Isle of Palms Wedding Destination

December 9, 2021

Hey there,

Here is to cherish an intimate and sweet Isle of Palms wedding destination.

Leisyl and Allan are from Ohio and picked the Charleston area to officialize their marriage and celebrate with their loved ones. But before I start talking about their wedding day, I would love for you to read their amazing love story and the biggest reason why they chose Isle of Palms, to celebrate their love.

Leisyl and Allan met in August of 2013. Allan was out of town, so they chatted online until he got home, and decided he wanted to meet Leisyl. Leisyl says she had had so many bad first dates that she had decided she would only go for a quick coffee meeting from now on, but he persisted and she relented. They met at Bricco in Akron, OH, and shut the place down after great food and hours of talking.

Apparently, it all went so well so they decided to be together.

A few years later, when marriage came into place, but Covid and quarantine were rough on everyone, it was really hard not being able to see their families. In 2020 they decided they would have a destination wedding and go on a week-long vacation with the families that they hadn’t seen in over a year in 2021.

2021 turned out to be harder on her family in particular than 2020, and what was originally planned to be a big proposal ended up being Allan, Leisyl, and their dog Chloe at home on a Sunday night in between planning work schedules around calling hours and funerals for several family members and friends. It was not exactly what they had in mind, but they knew those who they have lost would have been thrilled for them just the same, and they wouldn’t change a thing. “When you lose someone important to you, you realize that you don’t want to wait for the perfect time and background, and you want it to just happen now” (Leisyl says).

The reason why Leisyl and Allan have specifically chosen Isle of Palms to celebrate their love is that her family has been vacationing in Isle of Palms for over 20 years. She loves the beauty and history in Charleston and the beach at IOP. There is so much to eat and do in the area, and when she was finally able to introduce Allan to it in 2018, he fell in love too. When they thought about a destination wedding they wanted to do it stateside due to Covid, and what better place than Charleston and IOP! They not only shared a very magical day together, but they were able to bring both families together and introduce them to a new place to love as well!

Here is how their magical day turned out, besides the love and support of their amazing family- They truly had a blast, and so did I! =)

See ya next time!

Marcela R.


Photographer: Marcela Rowe Photography

Planner: The Coordination Company

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